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Clay and its endless possibilities are still a fascination for me. The world of nature is a constant inspiration. I will mentally register shapes, colours, patterns, and will fill sketchbooks with drawings or doodles to pursue later when I am back in the studio.

My sculptures have an element of storytelling, they borrow from my love of the absurd and surrealism.

I see my work as a cross between Ceramics and Fine Art, I love building, carving, modelling.

The attention to detail came while travelling in Africa and India and admiring their lovingly crafted utensils for everyday use; a carved spoon or an intricately pierced vessel, a flight of fancy candelabra.  I feel as if I have somewhere in my mind a repository of images gleaned from cultures other than my own. I continue to draw inspiration from other lands which still have a strong tradition of making.

The jugs I make are little clay canvases, it is almost irrelevant that one can use them. For me they marry the love of making and the love of painting.

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